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    Sri. Ram Kumar-CMD

    A team is known by its leader. RRK Star is headed by the chairman cum managing director Mr. Sri Ram Kumar who is a known face in the Kannada film industry. He played the lead role in three Kannada movies in 1970s and also added few other feathers to his cap by founding the prestigious theater Sri Rama Havyasi Kala Sangha in the year 1970s. Not only this, but he is also a known face in the field of directing and script writing.
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    Sri. Ravi Ramkumar D.I.A, M.B.A, B.Ed- Founder & MD

    Born in Vijayapura, the erstwhile Bijapur and brought up in Bangalore, Mr Ravi Ramkumar is the executive managing director and founder of RRK Star. An actor by profession, Sri Ravi is also known as a motivational coach for IAS and KAS aspirants. Mr. Ravi started his initial days of service at Bangalore International Airport with Airlines. Now a known face as a writer, director and producer, Mr. Ravi worked for a good 8+ years as a cabin crew, supervisor and airports operations manager.
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    Sri. Pradeep - Co Founder

    The co founder of RRK Stars, Mr Pradeep hails from a technical background who perfectly knows how to blend technology with media and marketing.
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    Sri. Sai Sridhar N - Business Head

    A business head carries the empire in the required direction. The same position is being fulfilled by Mr. Sai Sridhar who has a 10+ years of impeccable business knowledge that compounds with his existing managerial work experience in the service industry. He looks after our PLD, business strategies and growth.
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    Sri. Jayaprasad - Creative Director

    A gaining combination of both technology and art is what makes our Creative Director, Sri Jayaprasad CR. Known for his skills in ad film making and fashion designing, Mr. Jayaprasad is our creative writer, D.O.P and fashion stylist.
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    Smt. Vineeta R Prasad - HR & Creative Director

    Our job placement section is being looked after Ms Vineeta Prasad who is a young and talented brain with ample knowledge in human resource management.
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    Sri. Amzad E - Creative Director

    Creativity is our forte and we make sure it fulfills the requirement of our clients. Model, actor and creative writer, Sri Amzad is based in the USA and works as our freelance creative director.
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    Sri. Sanjay S Singh - Business Development Manager

    Our business development team is also being co-handled by Mr. Sanjay Singh who is a qualified software professional and model.
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    Sri. Santosh Naik - Fashion Director

    Your creativity remains unfulfilled unless it is sparked with a little bit of fashion. Our Fashion Director, Mr. Santosh Naik hails from Bijapur and is a known face in the industry as an actor, model, stylist, anchor, choreographer and fashion director.
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    Sri Shrinias Pawar Desai - BDM and Casting Director

    Mr. Shrinivas is an excellent brain from Sandalwood who is a leading casting director with skills in acting and modeling. He is also looking after our business development.
The team is incomplete when it is not backed with an ample support staff. At RRK Star, we believe in providing the best and in class service. Here are our few other services that work behind the screen:
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