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It’s an era, witnessing a remarkable growth in the media sector. We, the RRK Stars Creation, housed in Bangalore, are striving hard to revolutionise the field of media through our diligent efforts and creative ideas. We possess expertise in directing TV Shows and films. As an innovative ad film production house, the RRK Stars Creation aims at providing you the assistance in getting the best ad films and print shoots, as per your requirements. In addition to this, we have emerged out to be one of the most creative and innovative video production companies. This aspect of ours focuses mainly upon the production of promotional videos for the corporate and business groups.
Our efforts are solely directed towards providing contentment to our clients. We have tried to encounter the major spheres of the media sector whether it is video editing, dubbing or recording. Our post production house comprises of the video production house along with the editing, dubbing and recording studios. Thus, with the help of these resources, we strive to reach your brand to millions of people through our effective advertisement. Apart from this, we also provide opportunities to the growing models and skilled individuals to establish themselves in the field.
Being aware of the intense competition in the field, we follow the path of diligence and absolute dedication which is probably the sole reason for our success and strong position in the field. In a nutshell, the RRK Stars Creation turns dreams into reality and expectations into contentment.

Films Production Houses Bangalore

We have expertise in directing unique TV shows and films in the media sector. Few of our upcoming TV shows in the pipeline are:

  • NP NP – “Nimma Prathibe Namma Protsaha”(Your Talent, Our Support) – Hunting a real life hero in the field of Science, Medical & Technology
  • Mrs. South India
  • NP NP 2- Mr. & Ms. Genius- Master of GK
  • BIG TOSS- For juniors
  • Some of our upcoming movies are
  • Mr Kranti, Gauri Vs Shankara
  • Independence Day (in my life)

If you have the best script in your mind and have the required potential to bring around a revolutionary change in the field of media and advertisement, then we have the right platform for you. We not only make your idea a commercial hit but also make sure that your voice is heard by the required audience.

If you want to make your presentation a super hit with a bag full of collection in the box office then we are there to make you the trendsetter in the industry. We provide the best base as producers, artists and advisory panel for your project.

How To Grab The Opportunity

If our creative team feels that you have the desired potential to make it a hit on screen then the aisle is all yours. With a talented pool of artists, we will provide you the right skill set that will make your dreams come true.

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